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Safe Drinking Water

Where Your Water Matters Most

Say Goodbye to Hard Water, Calcium Build Up, and Bad Smells

Our water softeners and filtration systems are the best way to achieve clean, safe water that is also good to your skin, clothes, and appliances. We offer a variety of salt and salt-free water softeners that make all of your household activities safer and more comfortable. We also carry nitrate removal systems.

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Whole House Filtration

Did you know that most tap and well water contains chemicals and minerals from the environment or the water treatment process? The truth is, without a home water filter, you never really know what you’re ingesting every time you drink a glass of water. We have a variety of water filters and water purifier systems that give your whole house clean water, free from chlorine, calcium, nitrates, and other potentially harmful substances.

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JJE Water Specialists

Commercial Water Systems

Whether you own a restaurant, run a small business, or just need water bottles for your office water cooler, we’ve got you covered. In addition to commercial water softeners and filtration systems, we also provide reverse osmosis systems, service, and maintenance for products like aquariums, espresso machines, and car washes. Don’t see what you need listed here? Contact us for a free consultation.

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JJE Water Specialists

Water Softener Repair

Like any appliance, a water softener system needs routine maintenance, or it could act up from time to time. Our expert technicians provide routine maintenance as well as service and repair on a variety of water softener and water filtration systems. Plus, when you buy directly from us, you’ll get free yearly service in the first year after purchase.

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We are committed to ensuring that each and every one of our customers has safe water within their home or facility. Learn more about our commitment to the Tri-Cities community, and find out why so many happy customers call us when they need a water specialist. 

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